Eagle Farm Markets

I love food markets.

I love the local aspect of the produce. I love the passion of the purveyors of such delicious treats. I love that mostly they are outdoors. And I love that it makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop!

I have not been to many markets of late due to fear of public tantrums and breakdown of our 2 year old. He is definitely in the midst of the terrible 2′s and it started to affect our lifestyle. One day, we woke up and went, “You know what? Let’s just bite the bullet! He has to learn and we have to live!”. We decided there and then to try something new each week.

We had been meaning to visit the Eagle Farm markets since we had heard a lot of good things but just hadn’t made the effort. Last weekend we made the effort ..and it was worth it!

We still have a lot to explore at the markets as we really just visited the foodie section. There are other areas for House and Garden, Arts and Craft and Fashion and Accessories. A return visit will definitely be in order!

We went early and there was plenty of parking available. The cost to get in was $2 for each adult which included the parking. The markets were easy to get around and they even had portable ATM machines they had bought in! As an accountant, this kind of impressed me before we even hit the food! You never have enough money when you get to the markets!

First stop was a little undercover area that housed some of the fresh breads and sweet treats.

Undercover area housing breads, oils, spices, sweet treats

It was here the money in my pocket first started to burn that hole! I am a carb-aholic so there was never any doubt that I was going to leave these markets without some bread! Our choices at the moment we decided it had to bread were Sol Breads and Yummioh Organic Bakery. We have had Sol breads before and the Yummioh bakery bread looked magnificent so we bought an olive sour dough and a white sour dough from Yummioh. We had some of this bread in our mouth within five minutes of getting in our front door and they were both delicious!

Yummioh Organic Bakery Olive and White Sourdoughs

No far from the bread, something shiny caught our eye! Flavoured olive oils! We tried a few and settled on garlic oil and blood orange oil. Both tasted fantastic. We have used the garlic oil in a tomato based salad and cooking some chicken but I am yet to make something with the blood orange oil. I am planning on making a salad dressing of some kind as I think the blood orange flavour will really shine through.

Flavoured Jus Oils - garlic and blood orange!

Looking at all these yummy treats were now making me hungry. It was time to hit the “fast” food eat now section! This section was possibly a little disappointing to me. Not that the food looked bad – it didn’t! It looked and smelled amazing! I am pregnant and choose not to eat anything that has been sitting in a hot box as I can’t tell if it has been kept appropriately and could prove dangerous to the little one I am growing. So it was settled, the German Sausage King! Had a delicious German sausage on a roll. Sadly, I can’t show you a picture of that one as my mouth was much faster than my photo hands!

Takeaway food area

We also bought some Hungarian star donuts from Lángos to take home with us. These were very enjoyable! I can often take or leave donuts but these had a hint of citrus in them and we had them covered in vanilla sugar so were quite addictive!   The little guy was starting to get a bit restless by this stage so it was time to peruse the fruit and vegies and then take him home for his sleep.

There was a lot of good quality fruit and veg. As with all markets there were a couple of things that weren’t so hot so it is important to look at all the stalls before making your purchasing decision. We headed home with a variety of fresh fruit & veg.

Our haul of fruit and vegies!

Heading out of the markets, we saw all the fresh flowers. They looked pretty amazing and we had some money left so I asked Nate to head over and buy some for me (Yes we have been together a long time and I now have to ask for flowers!!)

Fresh flower stalls

These are what he bought! He did very well!

Very happy with our haul, we headed home to enjoy it! If you want more information on the markets and a list of who and what is there, the website is http://www.eaglefarmmarkets.com.au/
We will definitely be going back fairly regularly so if you are trying them out, we might see you there! Just look for the pregnant lady with glazed eyes ignoring a 2 year old boy’s tantrum!
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